REVO Clients

Our clients come from all walks of life and activity. But they all share the same goal: to become better. At REVO, we train in the gym to excel outside the gym. Here are some of their stories.


My name is Justin and I am a climber. It’s what I’ve always done, it’s what I’ve always known, and therefore it has shaped my entire life.

I grew up on rocks; I learned to climb frozen waterfalls; I competed in the World Cup of Ice Climbing as USA Team Captain; and I coached climbing to a group of over thirty kids.

As of last week, I have been climbing for twenty years. What comes with twenty years of an adventure sport like climbing? Experience, high base-level strength, mental comfort and a lot of imbalanced muscle groups.

Before December I had never trained like this. I’ve never had a trainer with such extensive knowledge. I’ve never been pushed to be so acutely aware of my body all the time. I had honestly never really thought much about what food I put into my body and how different foods made me feel and perform. I had never paid attention to the small muscles in my body that clearly were being dangerously neglected.
I feel like my experience at Revo has been an incredible accumulation of building strength, body awareness and attention to the fine details of what my body is telling me.

An example:
In climbing, there are three main types of action – explosive power, body tension, and the hardest and most important of all three, the ability to breathe throughout. All three of these components have been pushed, monitored closely, and tweaked to align with what I need to reach the next level in my sport.

And that's just what I’ve done since I started my program. I’ve climbed routes I had never before imagined we’re possible for me. I have won major competitions. And I’ve honestly just really enjoyed myself along the way.

I highly recommend checking these guys out as they not only bring a new level of knowledge to our little mountain town, they get you where you want to go in a fun and efficient way.


I do this to live. A friend fell ill last year and it struck close to home because it could have been avoided with regular “maintenance and care.” I have a husband and two kids depending on me. I want to be there as my kids grow up, to help them become the best humans they can be, and I want to be there in 30 years cheering them on. I won’t be able do any of that without maintaining my wellness. And I was already struggling just to keep up with the kids. I hadn't put in any time or effort in to taking care of my body for a long time.

I joined REVO without any foundation to fitness three months ago with the intent of turning things around. Mike has worked with me to become stronger and leaner while accommodating previous injuries and trouble spots that had always stopped me before. A couple of weeks ago my 6 year old son asked me to run with him in a charity run. Six months ago would have struggled to do it with him. Thanks to REVO, I easily ran right next to him.
But it is more than that. It's not just a workout program: it's nutrition, movement, attitude, aptitude and how all of this ties in to life outside the gym. Revo takes a well rounded, individualized approach that compliments my life without taking over. I feel the difference every day in a thousand tiny, unexpected ways. My posture has improved. I don't need to reach out for balance when I step over a child safety gate. I lift and carry my children with ease, even if they are getting too big. I'm feel like I'm back in control of my movement instead of just being along for the ride. And I look forward to accompanying these crazy kids on as many more adventures as they can muster.


When I came to Montana I had a tough transition that motivated me to try something new and I found Crossfit. Crossfit blew my mind in that it gave me the same endorphin rush as my runner's high and it showed immediate results in helping me drop fat and gain muscle. It will also help you find your weaknesses, which for me was a structural problem with my left shoulder that gave me some pain and weakness to work through.

Unpredictable turns of life eventually made me need to find a new gym, which is where REVO enters the picture. I had been doing Crossfit for two and a half years at this point and thought it was THE ANSWER, so I was skeptical of how well the different approach REVO was taking would work for me and my body and the mental sanity that I get from my exercise as my most effective coping skill in life. But I am always willing to try something new.

In three months at REVO I have surpassed my PR’s from Crossfit for most of my lifts and I am feeling less pain in my shoulder than I have since it started. As much as I am still a Crossfit supporter, REVO has a more holistic approach that utilizes more lifts and more movements to target more muscles while also introducing more methods of cardio than I have ever experienced and giving me doses of the cross training that I love so much.

Overall my goals have been to be as strong as I can be and continue to maintain good emotional and mental well-being. REVO has helped me progress in these goals not only with the programming, but also with the knowledge and consideration of the mental and emotional crossover with life events and circumstances, nervous system, nutrition and structural pattern incorporation and genuine investment in helping you reach your specific goals. I have enough experience with gyms at this point to know that the people are a big part of what keeps me going and this community is incredibly friendly, compassionate, and motivating. I can’t recommend REVO enough.


I've been involved in the fitness world, in one form or another, since I was a young man. Growing up, I competed in Olympic Weightlifting and sailed small boats competitively. In my twenties, I served in the Infantry and discovered CrossFit. It combined a lot of the things I had dabbled in, in the past, and seemed to fill in the gaps in my fitness. As I got older, however, I realized that the only way to get better at a specific task is to train for that task. And so, I chose to leave CrossFit behind to come train with an expert in building outdoor athletes. REVO specializes in precisely the sort of training I needed to excel in my next career, wildland firefighting.

Physically, the first thing I noticed was that I was moving better. My mobility began to increase, though I was doing less direct mobility work. But right along with the mobility, I could see myself getting faster. The conditioning work that Mike programmed for me was far more scientific and precise than anything I'd done in the past, and the results showed up quickly. With REVO's focus on data gathering, it was very easy to track my increased aerobic capacity.

All of my life, I've told myself that I hate cardio. But since coming to REVO, my mindset has completely changed. Mike has worked with me on that mindset, teaching me to stay calm during the hardest cardio workouts I've ever done. When I first started, I approached every cardio workout with frustration. I felt like I was failing. Within the first month, Mike had me relaxed -- and once I relaxed, I began to excel.

I came to REVO because I knew that I needed a specialist in endurance training. I didn't expect to learn so much about movement patterns, about proper breathing techniques, about how to structure a training program. I'm about to enter a fairly dangerous line of work and it's only a mild exaggeration to say that I'm trusting Mike with my life -- and I'm totally confident in the outcome. I have maintained my strength while dramatically increasing my conditioning. All of that is valuable. But I think the thing that will take me the furthest when I start my next career is the mental component. I am so much more confident now than I was four months ago, because I know that I've done the work and because I can see the results. I'm excited to go out and take my training into the field.