Strikers Between-Seasons Training

8+ Weeks (Summer 2018)

This is a program of weekly progressions designed for soccer athletes. We’ll cover the foundational development of:


Why Train Between Seasons?

Soccer is a game where endurance, acceleration, and agile movement make the difference on the pitch. While Strikers’ competitive athletes receive excellent ball and field coaching, young athletes often lack fundamental physical development in these other areas. Proper training can be fun and effective and sharpen your edge on the field.

It’s About Foundations

Speed, power, and movement agility result from proper foundational work. To the untrained eye, two athletes may appear to be doing the same thing at full speed. Yet one is moving properly and the other one is an injury waiting to happen. At Revo, we believe the means create the ends. We’ll break movements down into their building block components and help athletes develop from the bottom up.

Is It OK to Miss 3-4 weeks?

The between-season training sessions are built on progressions. Each week advances beyond the material learned earlier. For this reason, spotty attendance will not yield the same results. That said, missing some sessions or being away for a week is not a problem. We built 9 weeks into this 8 week program knowing that people travel in the summer.

What Do Training Sessions Look Like?

After a warm up, we spend half the time on technique and building the foundations of motor control, smart movement, power, and speed. The second half involves application of those foundations, generally through targeted strength work. Older athletes train with significant resistance, and younger athletes learn the same motor patterns at bodyweight or with minimal external weight. Both the technique and the strength components are designed with soccer in mind.

Girls (2000-2003)

  • Tuesday / Thursday @ 3:30
  • July 3 – August 30
  • We may schedule optional Saturday mornings (TBD)

Boys (2006)

  • Monday / Wednesday @ 3:30
  • July 3 – August 30
  • We may schedule optional Saturday mornings (TBD)

* * * * * We’ve heard from many of you that you’ll be away the week of the 4th (or some other week). No problem. The week of the 4th is not crucial. * * * * *


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