5  ways  REVO
is  different

Everything is 100% personalized for you and your body.

We’re here to help you get the best possible results and move better with less pain—even if you’re dealing with old injuries. That’s why everything at REVO, from the initial assessment to the detailed exercise plan, is personalized just for you and your body. No cookie-cutter programs. No exceptions.

Like personal training, but with other people.

At REVO we use a hybrid approach to coaching. Everyone trains together, but everyone also follows their own individual programs. That means you’re always interacting with a coach who understands your body and your goals—while still enjoying the accountability and comaraderie that comes from training in a small group.

Guaranteed results

Our clients make a commitment to train with us and follow our instructions—and we make a commitment to help them get the results they want. Then they decide for themselves: Was it worth it? If yes, they get in great shape and have more energy to do the things they love. If no, we give them a refund. That’s our promise. We’re confident in what we do and we stand by our work.

We give back to Missoula every month.

Every month, we pick a different Missoula charity. Every other Saturday morning at 9AM we offer a bootcamp-style training class that’s open to everyone in the community for a donation of $5. Every single dollar goes to that charity for that month.

Built for life in Montana.

Who wants to stay cooped up in a gym for hours every day? At REVO, we help you get in shape for the kinds of things you love—whether that’s hiking, skiing, or just running around with your kids without pain. Sure, you’ll come and train with us at our facility. But the real measure of our success will the be the results you see when you’re outside in the world.

Come try us out for 30 days.
No contract. 100% guaranteed.