Believe In Better

About Our Work Approach

People come to us when they want more than the usual gym experience. They’re injured, or got tired of doing the same cookie-cutter exercise programs and classes, or just keep wondering whether they’re doing things right. Basically, when they want something that’s personalized for their body and goals and are ready for true expert guidance.

People seek us out when they want something more. And, yes, we deliver more.

Sure, we help our clients get stronger, lose weight, improve their endurance, and increase their flexibility. But we also help them be fully ready for the things they love to do—whether that’s skiing, hiking, fishing, climbing, hunting, getting out on the water, or just keeping up with their kids.

Our clients trust us to help them overcome old injuries and train to look, feel, and perform better than ever. We take that trust seriously, and we provide more.

Meet Mike, Head Trainer
and Co-Owner

Meet Tim, Business Guy
and Co-Owner