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We can’t climb the mountain for you, but we can help show you the way.
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Our Approach
Our Approach

The Revo Training Style

We chose the name Revo because it’s an etymological root word for roar. More specifically translated it means I Roar. At RevoMT, we believe the gym is a place to commit to learning how capable you can be. We wanted a place where you could learn, practice and apply your movement and mind in the gym to achieve your goals outside of it.

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Our Team
Meet the Revo Family
People seek us out when they want something more. And, yes, we deliver more. Our clients trust us to help them overcome old injuries and train to look, feel, and perform better than ever. We take that trust seriously, and we provide more.

Michael Savasuk

Head Trainer + Co-Owner

Callie Young

General Manager + Head Coach

Julie McCloskey

Personal Trainer & Registered Holistic Nutrition Coach

Grant Wyland

Personal Trainer

Bobby Paul

Personal Trainer

Park Harmon

Personal Trainer


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Our Location
Optimal Environment

Our space is located at 308 West Pine Street in the heart of Missoula. It was built in 1960 as an addition and new sanctuary as a baptist church and was repurposed into our training facility in the winter of 2020. Now instead of practicing religion we practice training our bodies and minds so we can enjoy the world outside our walls. Our unique space reflects our unique approach to fitness - We help our members develop movement and mindset to continue their lifelong fitness journey.

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The best way to see if REVO is a good fit for you is to stop by and see the facility. We’ll give you a tour and learn more about what you’re looking for. If after meeting us and having your questions answered you decide to give us a try, we’ll set you up with a 30-day trial at a reduced rate. That means no contract and no commitment.

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