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Training vs Working Out

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post to diminish one or the other. Quite the contrary. But knowing your intent at the gym can improve your results exponentially. -Working out- If life has been hectic or stressful and/or your time is limited, you just need to workout. If this is the case, find a modality you […]

RevoMT Late Cancellation & No-Show Policy

Here at RevoMT we are invested in your results and want you and all of our members to have the best experience possible. In an effort to hold our members accountable and committed to your goals, we have had to implement a late-cancel and no-show policy to ensure that we can accommodate everyone looking to […]

Appropriate Intensity and Volume in the Gym

Why “More” Isn’t Always “Better” Chances are that, if you’re reading this, you probably do not struggle with showing up for the gym. You do the damn work. You train often, and you train hard. You have gym discipline. At least, you have half of it. You “do the hard stuff, even when you don’t […]

The Right Kinds of Goals Guarantee Your Success

New Year’s resolutions fail 80% of the time, with the majority of resolutions dropped by the end of February. The data regarding crash dieting is even more discouraging. Some studies suggest that up to 95% of people who lose a fast ~20 pounds gain the weight back within a year. The majority of people do […]

Stress & Recovery – There’s more to it than you think

Missoulians are an active bunch. We balance outdoor activities, busy jobs, and family life. Even if you only checked off a few of those criteria, it’s safe to say if you live here you like to stay on the move and feel your best doing so.  Whether you’re looking to improve at trail running, backcountry […]

Sleep 101: Is Sleep Your Limiting Factor?

Rest and recovery are integral pieces to the puzzle that puts together our wellness. Whether our goals are performance, weight loss, muscle gain, or anything else, sleep needs to be a top priority. Did you know that sleep helps regulate and control our metabolism?  Lack of sleep messes up our hormonal regulation of hunger: Less […]

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