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RevoMT Late Cancellation & No-Show Policy

Here at RevoMT we are invested in your results and want you and all of our members to have the best experience possible. In an effort to hold our members accountable and committed to your goals, we have had to implement a late-cancel and no-show policy to ensure that we can accommodate everyone looking to take our classes.


  • All reservations must be made through our scheduling app, Zen Planner Member. If you are having issues with your Zen Planner account, please contact
  • You may schedule your class appointments up to 8 hours in advance, after which the schedule will be locked.
    • If you’re looking to get into a class with open availability within the 8 hour window, please contact the gym phone @ (406) 219-6283 and a staff member can manually enter you for class.
    • You may also email
  • If a class does indicate that the roster is full, please do not show up without a reservation as we cannot guarantee a slot.
  • For the time being, you must make you reservation and/or cancel your reservation via the app prior to the 8 hour window.
    • We must enforce this rule due to the early morning classes being booked out and consistent no-shows.
  • RevoMT must have a valid credit card, phone number, and email on file for your Zen Planner account to work.
    • All waivers and contracts must be signed prior to signing up for classes.


  • If classes are full you may add your name to the waitlist. Of course, if someone cancels their reservation within the 8 hour window, you will then be added to the class.
  • If you are added to a class reservation off of the waitlist, you will receive an email notification requesting that you confirm your appointment within 45 minutes.
  • Note: If you choose to add your name to the waitlist, please treat this like an appointment until it is clear that you did not get in. If your name is added to the class list off of the waitlist, it is not Revo’s responsibility if you no-show for your reservation.


We get it, life happens. Maybe the kids are sick or you got stuck with an irregular meeting on your schedule and you have to miss your workout. Total bummer and we get it – Here’s how to cancel.

  • You must cancel your appointment 8 hours in advance if you are using the the Zen Planner App.
    • Text messages to coaches, emails, or direct messages via social media will not be considered official cancellations. We cannot promise these communication modalities will be seen on time.
    • HOWEVER – If something comes up and you must cancel or switch you appointment, you can simply text or call the gym phone @ (406) 219-6283 and a staff member on duty will gladly remove your appointment. This policy is strictly for accountability & ensuring all members can attend the times they’d prefer.
    • It is smoother for you to simply text the gym phone to cancel your appointment rather than try to do it over the app. If you cancel within the 8 hour window, your session for that day is burned and the system may not allow you to book another one later in the week.
  • If your class reservation is canceled within the 8 hour window your account will be subject to a late/no-show fee.
    • If your cancellation is due to an emergency, of course we get it. Please contact us at and we can refund you the fee and get you all sorted out.
    • If you are participating in our classes with a punch card, you will lose one of your punches with a no-show.
    • If you are a semi-private member or a RevoFit member, you may lose one of your class attendances for that week. You may contact the gym and see if you can attend at another time but it must be done manually by our staff.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Zen Planner Scheduling App or your RevoMT Membership, please contact us immediately so we can help you get more comfortable with the process. Our policies aren’t meant to be a further nuisance, they are designed to hold our members accountable and ensure everyone has an opportunity to schedule their desired class times. 

Thank you for understanding and, as always, happy workouts and we look forward to seeing you at the facility!

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